Jesuit Mission

Get to know the projects we work on

Our social projects

Medical Programs:

  1. Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  2. Senior healthcare (Chronic degenerative)
  3. Vaccination (Awareness and Application).
  4. Early stimulation.
  5. Nutrition. 
  1. Elementary bilingual and bicultural education for all current Rejogochi residents.
  2. Culture and traditions appreciation.
  3. Provide school supplies, clothes and medicine (free of charge).

Includes two different programs:

  1. Trade of food for communitary work.
  2. Water wells and recollection systems.

8 different bilingual teachers collaborate at the moment:

  1. Three of them are focused on illiteracy.
  2. Five of them are focused on artistic and cultural teachings.

From 1972, Mission Crafts has sold Tarahumara handcrafts bought directly from indigenous people at fair prices or by trading bulks of raw material to make more handcrafts.

This museum exhibits 45 paintings which were rescued and restored by professionals from Czech Republic. Handcrafts are sold, which are produced by local artisans from Cusárare. In the past it reached 700 visitors a month.